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Post Primary Election Briefing | March 4th at 3pm

A Guide to the NCFREE Data Dashboard


The PAC Money Overview provides top lines of the party breakdown by percentage and the total amount of PAC money raised in the 2018 election cycle as compared to the 2016 election cycle. The overview breaks down the PAC contributions by industries and by the top 100 PACs. If you click on an individual PAC total, the top five PAC transactions appear along with the amount of money that corresponds with that transaction.

The “Unknown” affiliation means that the money in that category was not assigned to a particular party or partisan effort. Additional financial information on PACs is available through a NCFREE subscription. Email to inquire about more information.

PAC Money Map

The PAC Money Map breaks down contributions to PACs from both the national and the state perspective respectively. When analyzing the state perspective, please note that the contributions to PACs can be searched by zip code.

PAC Money Recipients

The PAC Money Recipients tab illustrates the breakdown by party affiliation of those who received PAC contributions. Additional PAC recipient information is available through a NCFREE subscription. Email to inquire about more information.


The North Carolina Partisan District Index (NCPDI) shows the state’s view of the partisan rating for the House, Senate and Congress. When you click on the individual districts, the profile for the district appears and shows viewers how the district has changed over time.



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