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About the Legislative Business Ratings

The North Carolina FreeEnterprise Foundation (NCFREE) is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that conducts impartial, objective research and analysis on candidates, campaigns, voter attitudes and demographic changes that impact North Carolina’s electoral landscape. NCFREE is a mission-driven organization, providing business leaders across the state with timely updates and information throughout the year – the Legislative Business Ratings is just one of many such reports NCFREE produces and distributes widely.


The NCFREE Legislative Business Ratings (LBR) is a report produced at the conclusion of the NC General Assembly session that occurs in the odd-numbered year (what’s commonly referred to as the “Long Session”).

This analytical assessment of the business disposition of all state House and Senate members is based on confidential input from a group of more than 300 business leaders, business trade association executives and government affairs professionals.

This survey pool represents a diverse cross-section of business interests, with geographic diversity as well as and an appropriate array relative to company size and scope, and industry sectors.


The rating contains two parts:

An Objective evaluation consisting of recorded votes taken where the subject presented a clear philosophical division on key issues of interest and concern to the business community.

A Subjective assessment in which survey respondents rated every legislator based on the respondent’s personal experience as to the percentage of time that legislator was supportive on issues important to the overall business climate of North Carolina.

The final rating provides a straightforward metric: the closer the rating is to 100, the more aligned with the principles of free enterprise that legislator was during the Long Session of the NC General Assembly.



Your contribution to NCFREE makes possible informative reports and innovative programs that foster informed civic involvement and a better understanding of the free enterprise economy.

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